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Mon Apr 2 18:10:09 EDT 2001

Lizzie wrotel
> always felt a bit bad for little Vivien--sure, she
> > was very much a brat,
> > but she was also a little girl just sort of dumped
> > into ancient China--I
> > can think of twenty horrible things that could
> > happen to her off the top
> > of my head, and all of them are more likely than any
> > pleasant alternative.

I can think of 20 awful things that could happen to any little girl 
dumped anywhere, speaking as someone who made a career of 
getting lost when little, it's fortunate that most people would see 
they were looked after. Reading this I was reminded of a 
programme I saw about Japanese children who were sepearated 
from their parents and stranded in China when their families had to 
flee (this must have been at the end of the second world war). A 
common theme was getting on the wrong train, ending up in the 
middle of nowhere then being adopted by a delighted childless 
couple. I think Jenwa was right, the worse she had to fear was 
having to work hard for a living.

You are trapped in that bright moment where you learned your doom.
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