Time of the Ghost - Spoilers, questions on the ending

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Mon Apr 2 16:58:36 EDT 2001

Liz asked:

>  > Finally, can someone please tell me whether any other of DWJ's books are
>>  this disturbing, so I can approach them with a little more caution! Oh, and
>  I don't suppose there's any sequel, is there?

I'd agree that it's at least one of the more disturbing ones, and I 
agree that the bit in the beginning is quite upsetting.  Becca read 
it herself, quickly and with not much understanding, and then 
wouldn't let me read it to her again, as she found it too scary.  I'm 
not sure why we found it more so than some others - I think that 
nightmare type desperation of not knowing who you are, and not being 
able to communicate, is pretty grim.  And the blood-collecting is 
just gross!

But I don't find F&H at all as bad (it's my favourite, in fact), 
despite the fact that Polly has some pretty grim times.  Maybe it's a 
greater feeling of hopefulness overall, though no doubt some would 
disagree with me on that.  And Deep Secret has its share of grim too, 
but so much that's hilariously funny as well, that it's a fave too. 
Oh wait.  Didn't you read DS already?  Hexwood has horror, but - 
well, it's a must-read.  And all of these Becca's had read to her, 
and has re-read happily, which tells you something.  (Cara, my 
10-until-tomorrow-year old, was just dying to be able to read F&H, 
and loved it, with a little warning for the bad-family bits.)


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