Stammering was Re: Weaknesses of Nine Lifed Enchanters and Re A Sinister Subject

Jenwa Hsung jenwahsung at
Mon Apr 2 15:12:08 EDT 2001

--- Ven <ven at> wrote:
> Slightly on topic you don't get severe stammerers in
> books, let 
> alone television. I've thought of having a go but
> realised it would be 
> very frustrating to the reader to go through an
> accurate 
> representation of clotted speech. Perhaps it could
> be done by 
> contrasting the elegant sentences forming in the
> character's head 
> with the travesties they are forced to come out
> with. (Does this 
> topic strike a nerve with me, oh yes).

hmm.  how severe is severe?  Simon in Terry
Pratchett's Equal Rites has a stammer/stutter, but
everyone just finishes the words for him.


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