bagels (was Re: Nonpareils, plus book recommendation)

Jenwa Hsung jenwahsung at
Mon Apr 2 14:18:04 EDT 2001

> obDWJ: In Time City, when Leon, Viv, Inga, and
> Vivien are all cast out
> into history, (connection being that a butter-pie
> covered Vivien was sent
> to China) has anyone else ever worried about
> possible paradoxes that would
> occur if Inga (send to Iceland as it was being
> settled, and the daughter
> of the Icelandic Emporer) became her own ancestor? 
> And I have actually
> always felt a bit bad for little Vivien--sure, she
> was very much a brat,
> but she was also a little girl just sort of dumped
> into ancient China--I
> can think of twenty horrible things that could
> happen to her off the top
> of my head, and all of them are more likely than any
> pleasant alternative.

well, my impression is that she was dumped
specifically into one of the extremely boring time
periods of Ancient China, and while certainly lots of
bad things *could* happen to her, it seems far more
likely that simply mediocre things would, like being
found by simple peasants and standing in rice paddies
with water buffalo for the rest of her life.
also, if she were very resourceful and ambitious, as
it seems possible she might be, she could probably
manage to get herself married into a powerful family
and lord it over the other wives, etc.  seems to be
her personality type.


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