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spoilers for the end of "Time Bandits"

On Mon, 2 Apr 2001, Nat Case wrote:
> I was ruminating on how I would pitch HOMEWARD BOUNDERS on the bus 
> into work today, and it struck me how like TIME BANDITS the book is, 
> only without the small people or an overt God (and there isn't really 
> an overriding Deity/overseer/force in HB at all is there?). It has 
> the same jarring episodic feel with Things of Cosmic Signifigance 
> overlaying all, and even has some overt mythological figures thrown 
> in. They came out about the same time, yes? Wasn't Time Bandits late 
> 1970s, and Homeward bounders 81 or 82? I don't think there was any 
> direct cribbing, but I wonder about the Mood of the Time.
Well, I guess you could describe "Homeward Bounders" like that, but my
personal problem is that I really like HB and I *hate* (or, rather,
completely can't deal with) Time Bandits. My problem with Time Bandits is
that I first saw the last half hour or so, so I got all the traumatic bits
without any of the funny bits at the beginning, and when I finally saw the
entire thing, it was with a group of people who thought it was really
really funny to say "Don't touch it, it's eeeeeeeeeeee-vil" and laugh a
lot, and I was sitting there going "But it's so horrible! It's awful! What
dreadful parents! And leaving a little boy completely alone on the side of
the street!" HB is more poignant, less slapsticky, and less completely
awful. Jamie has proven that he can take care of himself, and he's lived a
lot longer than the kid in "Time Bandits," so he could probably count as
an adult.

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