Nat Case ncase at hedbergmaps.com
Mon Apr 2 12:37:55 EDT 2001

As I understand it, part of a "pitch" in Hollywood involves a 
one-sentence summary ("It's AFRICAN QUEEN with penguins","It's 
Casablanca with Bruce Willis in East Timor", etc).

I was ruminating on how I would pitch HOMEWARD BOUNDERS on the bus 
into work today, and it struck me how like TIME BANDITS the book is, 
only without the small people or an overt God (and there isn't really 
an overriding Deity/overseer/force in HB at all is there?). It has 
the same jarring episodic feel with Things of Cosmic Signifigance 
overlaying all, and even has some overt mythological figures thrown 
in. They came out about the same time, yes? Wasn't Time Bandits late 
1970s, and Homeward bounders 81 or 82? I don't think there was any 
direct cribbing, but I wonder about the Mood of the Time.

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