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Mon Apr 2 12:22:32 EDT 2001

Rosie wrote:

>Finally, some advice, please. I am certain my boyfriend would love To Say
>Nothing of the Dog, but he refuses to read fantasy/sf (apart from Narnia -
>and that was only because someone told him he was like Puddleglum) as he is
>convinced he hates it all. How can I persuade him to read TSNOTD? Or some
>DWJ? I don't think there's much hope of getting him to read girls' school
>stories (my other literary love) but it would be nice to have a genre in
>common. He reads theology, intelligent detective stories, and Aga sagas.

I has the same problem with my Mom; I tried LeGuin's Lathe of Heaven, 
and she simply found it too disturbing, all the 
reality-shifting-around-under-you stuff. I might try some of Margaret 
Mahy's or LeGuin's truly non-SF/fantasy stuff (Mahy's MEMORY, 
LeGuin's SEAROAD), and edge them in that way.

If he likes theology and it isn't the confusingness of it that he 
disllikes, you might try HOMEWARD BOUNDERS, my vote for most 
theological of DWJ's.

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