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> :)  How odd that you mention the Murdoch empire in a thread entitled
> Literature Abuse!

Only too horribly appropraie, I fear.

> Oh, now you're just being unfair to poor Mr. Rochester!  I'll admit
> he's a massive great bully, but he didn't exactly choose the first
> wife - well, he didn't exactly choose her at all!  But Jane - no.
> The joy of that book to me is that she can take care of herself, even
> before he's crippled.

But would she if she had gone through with the wedding?  She'd have been
"compromised" if the truth had been later revealed, and he would have had a
great deal more power over her. As it is, he's only fit to be her husband
after he's been humbled and mutilated.

I always did think this book was the ultimate teenage girls' fantasy!


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