A Sinister Subject

Gili Bar-Hillel abhillel at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 2 09:00:25 EDT 2001

Ven wrote:
>I saw some interesting research on the effects of handwriting on
>exam results. They found a group of mostly female pupils who
>underperformed compared to their classwork. This was a group
>with beautiful, sometimes elaborate handwriting which took longer
>to do so they weren't finishing their papers in the time.

So now I have an excuse for my icky cramped handwriting...
It *is* interesting.
But I have a compulsive need to always find the opposite explanation: 
perhaps the girls, being bored with their schoolwork, developed flowery 
handwriting to make things more interesting for themselves?

This made
>me thinbk of Theresa in Witch week, with her "angel writing".
Who also loved white knitting, the same kind of thing. Yes it is pretty, but 
it is also incredibly time consuming and only important if you decide to 
make it important, like "angel writing".

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