Time of the Ghost - Spoilers, questions on the ending

Anita Graham dzongri at admin.uwa.edu.au
Sun Apr 1 23:12:59 EDT 2001

I find ToTG pretty scary too, and I've only reread it once.
I can't remember enough to answer all of Liz's questions but here goes:

> Next, Howard. Why, when Sally realises what he's given 
> Monigan, does she
> shiver and think, that's why he's in Canada? Is it again because it's
> something personal, which gives Monigan power over him? Or is 
> there more to
> it?

Howard gave Monigan something (a tiepin?) which was a Union Jack, so I think
it meant that he gave her England - or more precisely "his" England, so he
had to leave because it wasn't his any more.

> Finally, can someone please tell me whether any other of 
> DWJ's books are
> this disturbing, so I can approach them with a little more 
> caution! Oh, and
> I don't suppose there's any sequel, is there?
No sequel and nothing so scary. 
Homeward Bounders could perhaps be similar in that it has a sad ending, but
I would definitely read HB again but ToTG won't be on the list for quite a

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