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Sun Apr 1 15:05:34 EDT 2001

Just out of curiousity, has anyone read the book "The Dress Lodger" by (I
think) Sheri Holman (only that's not quite right. . . .)  I'm curious
because I've met the woman--she's a friend of my uncle's, and he took me
to meet her to show me that people can get by as writers--based on her
first book and an advance for the second she and her husband had bought a
lovely Brooklyn townhouse which they were renovating. . . I've been
meaning to read her books ever since but I've got so many books to read,
many of them based you y'all's recs that it just hasn't happened yet.  So
someone reccomend her to me!

hmm.  obDWJ.  Didn't she write a book called the Changeover as well (as
Margaret Mahy)?  There are several DWJs I haven't gotten my paws on
yet. . . The Skiver's Guide, Wild Robert, Puss in Boots (though that one's
not screaming my name, I'll admit.  I never liked the story).

Oh--quick Angela Carter reference--has anyone read her short story "The
Kiss?"  I have a collection of her fairy tale type works, but I came
across that one in a Norton anthology in a class last semester.  It's very
short but very. . . . I'm not sure how to describe it.  I was introduced
to her through the Windling/Datlow collections--I've had a half-formed
desire for a ruby choker ever since I read the Blackbeard story.  And
speaking of collections, has anyone read Chicks in Chainmail or any of the
sequels?  (I'm partial to the first one because it's dedicated to a club
of which I am an officer--I'm the Kickasss Minister of Propoganda-mon, and
having a title like that just sort of ensures that you're going to be
attached to the club, dontcha think?)



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> Subject: Artificial raspberry pips
> Thank you so much, Ven! This goes along with pure-finding and doll's-eye-making
> as a favourite odd Victorian English job.
> Is anyone else devoted to Henry Mayhew?
> Mary Ann
> who had her world economic history students reading about pure-finding and
> dressing-lodgers....
> >You're not going to believe this but: the guardian newspaper has a 
> >notes and queries section. There's a discussion at the moment 
> >about women whose job was making artificial pips for raspberry 
> >jam out of wood. I presume this was for jam that was pretty much 
> >ersatz.these poor women wore theuir fingers down rolling these 
> >slivers of wood until they were smooth and pip like. This was a 
> >Victorian sweated trade. Its bizarre to think it was cheaper to pay 
> >women to make wooden pips than it was to get real raspberries. 
> >Imagine reviewers responses if someone's cinderella heroine had 
> >this job!
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