Literature Abuse

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>> Oh, this can be _very_ annoying though.  It frequently happens to
>> me with DWJ, which makes me happy.  The only problem is that it tends to
>> happen to me with authors like Piers Anthony and David Eddings as well,
>> and . . . when I start to think like them, I often want to kill
>> myself.  Oh, it's awful. . . .
>I agree - I finally weaned myself off Eddings after the second Belgarion
>sequence. His narrative can be quite gripping, but the style is so clumpy
>makes me scream out loud - eventually, I couldn't bring myself to read any

Hah.  I only realised after I'd spent 13 quid on The Redemption of Althalus
when it came out last year.  Although the Belgarion series is quite good in
comparison, hence the name...


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