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Sun Apr 1 11:38:52 EDT 2001

Rosie wrote:

>Finally, some advice, please. I am certain my boyfriend would love To Say
>Nothing of the Dog, but he refuses to read fantasy/sf (apart from Narnia -
>and that was only because someone told him he was like Puddleglum) as he is
>convinced he hates it all. How can I persuade him to read TSNOTD? Or some
>DWJ? I don't think there's much hope of getting him to read girls' school
>stories (my other literary love) but it would be nice to have a genre in
>common. He reads theology, intelligent detective stories, and Aga sagas.

Firstly, TSNotD IS an intelligent detective story, so you could 
present it as that, and just casually mention that there's a little 
time travel thrown in also.  :)  In the biggest Waterstone's in town 
here, it's actually shelved both in SF and in general Fiction.  And I 
think, if you worked *really* hard at it, you could present it as 
partly a very early Aga saga.  (Via P.G. Wodehouse, from whom CW said 
she learned to write comedy.)  OK, it's a long stretch, but worth a 


PS.  _Bellwether_'s brilliant too - though a bit different after 
TSNotD.  "Very Bellwether" is one of our more frequent sayings around 

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