Nonpareils, plus book recommendation

Anita Graham amgraham at
Sun Apr 1 09:03:37 EDT 2001

> I have always _loved_ the word "comfit".  Mind's immediately gone
> blank about exact places I'd have come across it, of course.
> Possibly Rosemary Sutcliff's _The Armourer's House_ (which I may be
> alone in liking), or far more obscure, _The Queen Elizabeth Story_
> (which I may be alone in having read!).  Er.  Barbara Willard's
> books, conceivably, though unlikely.  Um.  _The Wool Pack_.  By
> whassername.  Anyway.

Cynthia Hartnett.

And Alice in Wonderland has comfits in her pocket which she offers as prizes
to the animals in the pool of tears.


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