Nonpareils, plus book recommendation

Gili Bar-Hillel abhillel at
Sun Apr 1 12:46:23 EDT 2001

Bodil, thanks for that long and excellent discussion of sweets!

If it were not for this list, and Jessie in particular who sent me a pack by 
mail, I would not have known what sherbet lemons are. My translation of this 
term is one of the single most picked-upon points about the books in Hebrew. 
I was looking for a sweet that did not contain the words "candy" or "sweet" 
in its name, was known for being sticky, and was known as a favourite of 
children but not necessarily of adults. I picked an Israeli sweet called a 
"krembo", which matches these criteria but is quite obviously not a lemon 
sherbet: it's this sort of fluffy whipped gooey stuff on a cookie (biscuit) 
base with a very thin chocolate topping. Squashes easily and must be eaten 
fresh for full effect. I thought it would be funny to have Dumbledore 
pulling a couple of these out of his pocket, much funnier than any other 
candy I could think of. But one critic was outraged, and wrote in very nasty 
words in an important newspaper that I must not know enough English to 
understand the phrase "lemon sorbet" (in the ice-cream sense).

As for pretzels: in Israeli Hebrew, they are called "beygaleh", which made 
for some confusion when bagels were first imported here. I know it's 
supposed to be a Jewish food, but there were no American-style bagels in 
Israel before the last decade or so. The closest thing was o-shaped soft 
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