Nonpareils, plus book recommendation

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> I have always _loved_ the word "comfit".  Mind's immediately gone
> blank about exact places I'd have come across it, of course.
> Possibly Rosemary Sutcliff's _The Armourer's House_ (which I may be
> alone in liking), or far more obscure, _The Queen Elizabeth Story_
> (which I may be alone in having read!).  Er.  Barbara Willard's
> books, conceivably, though unlikely.  Um.  _The Wool Pack_.  By
> whassername.  Anyway.

I love The Armourer's House and The Queen Elizabeth Story. And almost
everything else RS wrote. And Barbara Willard's books, especially the
Mantlemass series. And The Wool Pack, which is by Cynthia Harnett. And
everything else she wrote as well! But I have no idea whether comfits appear
in any of them! The only place I can remember reading about them offhand is
Alison Uttley' A Traveller in Time, and I might be wrong about that.


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