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> Alexandra wrote:
> > second, my profuse thanks to Becca and to everyone else who recommended
> > Connie Willis.  ....
> Hearty agreement. I _loved_ The Doomsday Book.
> I cried too. And I'm happily in the middle of
> rereading To Say Nothing of the Dog. She confuses
> me sometimes--I'm not smart enough to be a net
> technician, clearly--but I love her.

Thirded - if I'm allowed to third this on the basis of only having read one
of her books. I finished To Say Nothing of the Dog yesterday - also
confused, but totally gripped throughout. I spent all day at work and all
through chorus rehearsal thinking about it (and probably did some very
strange cataloguing and singing as a result) and desperate to know what was
going to happen next. The phrase "bishop's bird stump" is going to become
part of my vocabulary! ObDWJ: In many ways this book reminded me of A Tale
of Time City; I suppose if you work time travel out logically there aren't
that many ways to go though.

Now I really want to get hold of Doomsday Book, but haven't seen it anywhere
and Amazon don't have it either. Is it still in print? Borders on Oxford
Street have Bellwether, but for some reason that doesn't appeal as much.
(And I hate Oxford Street.) Forbidden Planet (specialist fantasy/sf
bookshop) don't have any of her books.

Finally, some advice, please. I am certain my boyfriend would love To Say
Nothing of the Dog, but he refuses to read fantasy/sf (apart from Narnia -
and that was only because someone told him he was like Puddleglum) as he is
convinced he hates it all. How can I persuade him to read TSNOTD? Or some
DWJ? I don't think there's much hope of getting him to read girls' school
stories (my other literary love) but it would be nice to have a genre in
common. He reads theology, intelligent detective stories, and Aga sagas.


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