A sinister topic

Gili Bar-Hillel abhillel at hotmail.com
Sun Apr 1 12:04:20 EDT 2001

They say older languages are written from right to left because it's easier 
for non-lefties to chisel in that direction, and later languages switched 
because it's easier for non lefties to ink in that direction.

I'm right handed, but Hebrew is written in the opposite direction than 
English. I've just discovered I turn the paper to match the language I'm 
writing in: I'd never noticed up to now. When I write in English the lines 
slant upwards, when I write in Hebrew the lines slant downwards. How 
fascinating, the things you can learn about yourself.

When I was just learning to write, it was hard for me to keep straight which 
direction each language was written it: right to left or left to right. So I 
would write whole passages in mirror image by mistake. My mother has kept a 
few of the funnier of these notes. I also could never remember which end to 
open a book from, and had to do it by trial and error.
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