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Congratulations.  I hope you'll be really happy.  I'm throwing lots of
electronic birdseed your way.


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> Thanks for remembering me, Elise ;-)
> I wrote Rebecca privately, and told her I'd be happy to trade her Harry 
> Potter books in Hebrew - signed by the translator - for some good reading 
> material. I extend the same offer to whoever else may be interested.
> The only DWJ that has ever been translated into Hebrew is, AFAIK, "Nad and 
> Dan adn Quaffy", as part of a collection of short stories. I've been trying 
> to look it up but no luck so far, the publisher no longer has copies. 
> "Charmed Life" should be out in Hebrew in about a year, at which point I'll 
> be happy to trade copies of that as well!
> Another online store for books in Hebrew is http://www.mitos.co.il
> Amazon has stores in German and French, and Books Online have stores in a 
> number of European languages, including Italian (I think its www.bol.it)
> I've just returned from a 4-day surprise honeymoon. Our wedding, exactly a 
> week ago, went by in a blur of happy faces. I though we would be spending 
> the weekend in Eilat - an extremely sunny resort city on the red sea - but 
> when we arrived at the airport for what ought to have been a local flight, 
> my new husband , Hemmy, surprised me by pulling out two tickets to Paris. It 
> took me a while to decide whether I was more furious or delighted. I just 
> know I'll be teased for the rest of my life for insisting on packing a 
> bottle of #34 sunblock.
> Anyway, just to keep this on topic, I'm happy to report that W.H. Smith in 
> Paris had stacks and stacks of new DWJ books (in English), including a few 
> copies of "Fire and Hemlock" that cost significantly less than $70. The 
> cover was one I had never seen before, but is surprisingly un-hideous, more 
> than I can say for the newly designed "Worlds of Chrestomanci" books with 
> the holes in them and the ugly abracadabra Chrestomanci.
> I bought "Mixed Magics", which I found dissapointing. It looks like a 
> desperate attempt to pad out the Chrestomanci series, which doesn't really 
> gel for me as a series to begin with: Chrestomanci is only the  main 
> character in one of them, and even there he is unrecognisable as himself... 
> These are not DWJ's best short stories, and "Stealer of Souls", the only new 
> story in the collection, left me a bit cold. I was also annoyed that one of 
> the stories described Tonino as having almost flawless English, while in 
> another ("Carol O'Neir's 100th Dream") he seems to have a very heavy Italian 
> accent.
> I also bought "Cordelia's Honor" and the next in line in that series, as 
> everyone here seems to love them, but I can't comment on them yet - I think 
> Hemmy would have felt left out had I spend the entire honeymoon reading my 
> new books.
> Someone actually has brought up the books signed from DWJ to her mother on 
> this list before. I don't think anyone had a good answer. Mystifying, no?
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