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> but do you think (let me see if I
> can ask this right) that for some books there's a certain age that you
> need to read them by, and if you haven't read them by that age (which
> probably differs for everyone) that you'll never have the same feeling
> about the book? Does this question make any sense?

Oh yes, it makes a lot of sense. It may be part of why I can't enjoy
"The Wind in the Willows", my husband's childhood favourite. The
other part is that I've never liked what Tolkien calls "Beast-fable",
people thinly disguised as animals.

I read three or four Little House books as a child, and those are the
ones I keep coming back to to recapture the wonder. The other ones
just don't do it, though they're not as a group different from the

I'm trying to encourage my kids to read the books I used to love by
the right age - seems to be going reasonably well (especially as the
six-year-old is one of those insatiable readers who want to read
*everything* :-)


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