dwj-digest (Diana Wynne Jones) V1 #224

Gili Bar-Hillel abhillel at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 26 10:12:36 EDT 2000

Thanks for remembering me, Elise ;-)

I wrote Rebecca privately, and told her I'd be happy to trade her Harry 
Potter books in Hebrew - signed by the translator - for some good reading 
material. I extend the same offer to whoever else may be interested.

The only DWJ that has ever been translated into Hebrew is, AFAIK, "Nad and 
Dan adn Quaffy", as part of a collection of short stories. I've been trying 
to look it up but no luck so far, the publisher no longer has copies. 
"Charmed Life" should be out in Hebrew in about a year, at which point I'll 
be happy to trade copies of that as well!

Another online store for books in Hebrew is http://www.mitos.co.il
Amazon has stores in German and French, and Books Online have stores in a 
number of European languages, including Italian (I think its www.bol.it)

I've just returned from a 4-day surprise honeymoon. Our wedding, exactly a 
week ago, went by in a blur of happy faces. I though we would be spending 
the weekend in Eilat - an extremely sunny resort city on the red sea - but 
when we arrived at the airport for what ought to have been a local flight, 
my new husband , Hemmy, surprised me by pulling out two tickets to Paris. It 
took me a while to decide whether I was more furious or delighted. I just 
know I'll be teased for the rest of my life for insisting on packing a 
bottle of #34 sunblock.

Anyway, just to keep this on topic, I'm happy to report that W.H. Smith in 
Paris had stacks and stacks of new DWJ books (in English), including a few 
copies of "Fire and Hemlock" that cost significantly less than $70. The 
cover was one I had never seen before, but is surprisingly un-hideous, more 
than I can say for the newly designed "Worlds of Chrestomanci" books with 
the holes in them and the ugly abracadabra Chrestomanci.

I bought "Mixed Magics", which I found dissapointing. It looks like a 
desperate attempt to pad out the Chrestomanci series, which doesn't really 
gel for me as a series to begin with: Chrestomanci is only the  main 
character in one of them, and even there he is unrecognisable as himself... 
These are not DWJ's best short stories, and "Stealer of Souls", the only new 
story in the collection, left me a bit cold. I was also annoyed that one of 
the stories described Tonino as having almost flawless English, while in 
another ("Carol O'Neir's 100th Dream") he seems to have a very heavy Italian 

I also bought "Cordelia's Honor" and the next in line in that series, as 
everyone here seems to love them, but I can't comment on them yet - I think 
Hemmy would have felt left out had I spend the entire honeymoon reading my 
new books.

Someone actually has brought up the books signed from DWJ to her mother on 
this list before. I don't think anyone had a good answer. Mystifying, no?
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