Narnia comments, including spoilers

Tony Fox tonyfox at
Wed Sep 20 17:14:26 EDT 2000

Lizzie said:

> That's certainly true, but that's not exactly why it bothered me so
> much.  It's because it was presented as inevitable: she was only allowed
> in Narnia a few times, for one thing.  For another, she didn't

I don't read what happens to Susan like that at all. I think that Lewis is
expressing a common experience in Christian things - and I suspect in many
other spheres where time erodes once dearly held beliefs. Are you aware of
the parable that Jesus told about the sower? The sower went into the field
and sowed the grain (which  represents the knowledge of God in the parable)
- some fell on stony ground and didn't shoot at all
- some fell in shallow soil and the sun burnt it up
- some fell in weeds which grew faster than the grain and smothered it
- some fell in good soil and produced a harvest

I read Susan as someone in the third category. I think that Lewis considers
her to be someone who has exchanged the wonders of Narnia for the weeds of
material things. He is a Christian writer. He always makes it obvious that
Christianity is the foundation of his writings. Susan expresses part of his
Christian experience.

I cannot see how Susan does not have a choice. She has a choice just as
Peter  has a choice. They just make different choices and I believe this
reflects Lewis' experience of the spiritual life.



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