New DWJ interview - I deny everything

andrew osmond andrew at
Sun Sep 24 13:39:11 EDT 2000

The new issue of the UK fantasy media magazine Dreamwatch - Issue 74,
Xena cover - carries a three-page interview with DWJ, conducted by yours
truly. Lots of scans of book jackets - personally, I think the covers of
Hexwood and Year of the Griffin are great, but not so sure about
Archer's Goon (shame, as that's my favourite Diana book now).

In the interests of my personal safety, I should point out that

1) I was NOT responsible for the gratuitous Harry Potter reference in
the standfirst. 'With many of her books of the last three decades being
reprinted for the Harry Potter generation...' - DOH!

2) Nor was I responsible for the following bit of sub-editing:

'Does Jones have qualms about using such material in childrens' books?'

'Does Jones have qualms about using such material in what are,
essentially, childrens' books?'

I'm sure the addition seemed very innocent at the time, but I can just
hear DWJ fans round the world going 'Grrrr...'
andrew osmond
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