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Sat Sep 23 20:50:05 EDT 2000

Back to this again, its been bubbling away on the back burner ever 
since my first post on the topic and I had a couple more ideas.

First, Robin, in the Spellcoats she is an unmarried young woman 
who several people want to marry -- including the King who seems 
to think it would bring him a religio-political advantage. Thats not at 
all inconsistent with her developing some magical fertility aspect 
later on. Furthermore while there are overt reasons for her 
unhappiness throughout most of the book, uprooted from her home 
in time of war, found her true love and lost him again, her 
depression and sickness could also stem from some magical 
connection to the afflicted land.

Secondly Old Ammet. I've always found him a bit of a puzzle -- is 
his sphere land or sea? He might bring luck to sailors but he 
creates earthquakes and raises islands and turns stale bread fresh.
It came to me that in this he resembles Poseidon, a sea god ansd 
earthshaker. Now when we first meet Tanamil he is presiding over 
the watersmeet but he is bound -- essentially not fulfilling his 
potential. Now, another meaning of watersmeet could be where the 
sea meets the land, fitting in with the Sea festiival. Extending the 
metaphor a bit further, boats could be another place where the land 
meets the water. 

All a bit tenuous I know but I am tending toward the belief that 
Robin and Tanamil could have transfigured into fertility goddess and 
earth shaker.

You are trapped in that bright moment where you learned your doom.
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