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Thu Sep 21 17:55:13 EDT 2000

on 21.9.2000 07:25, Melissa Proffitt at Melissa at wrote:

> Up until last week the US edition was scheduled for October.  I was just as
> surprised as Margaret to see it available *now*.  I don't know what makes
> this happen, but it's not the first time a book has come out slightly
> earlier than expected.  (Better than being delayed, eh?)

Yes, occasionally there are those happy surprises and sometimes you just
have to wait. For example, even though Pullman's _The Amber Spyglass_ should
be finally coming out fairly soon, I'll have to wait even longer, since I
bought the first two in Finnish translation and want to have this one in the
same format. The book won't probably be published in Finnish until next

The problem with different editions in Britain and the US hasn't really
affected us here that much, since most books appear here in that edition
that came out earlier. This is really fun when a book is published as a
paperback in Britain and as a hardcover in the US or vice versa. Or the
paperback edition comes out sooner in either one. Still, DWJ is one of the
few authors whose books I buy in hardcover, so the paperback timing isn't
really an issue in this case.

Sadly DWJ is not one of the authors who are so popular here that her books
would be available at local bookstores and I have to order them from abroad.
Britain is easier, since the books arrive by Air Mail in about a week, while
from the States it would take several months by surface mail to arrive (at
approximately the same price). Actually, there is only one book that I
*have* ordered from by Air Mail and that was Bujold's _A Civil
Campaign_ -I just couldn't wait months after having already read halfway
through the book on Baen's website...

Ok, that's enough rambling. That probably wasn't very coherent, but it's
late here and I should just go to sleep instead of writing e-mails...


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