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Thu Sep 21 06:07:56 EDT 2000

>Which reminds me.  I just saw a movie set in Australia, and 
>the characters
>had beers in hand with many x's on them; is this why he called it
>XXXX?  or not?

It is indeed.  Pronounced 'fourex'.
But that beer is really only a Queensland thing.  Not that the Queenslanders
realise that.  They think that everyone all over the country drinks is and
get very surprised when they move interstate and it's not available.
Back from the state of XXXX to the state of Swan.

It's also available in England, and advertised by several funny campaigns
that used to end with the phrase "Australians wouldn't give a fourex for
anything else", in a very broad Aussie accent, so that we are given the
impression of the great Outback populated by XXXX drinkers and thirsty
(One ad I can remember offhand is- small house alone in broad dusty red
plain, man emerges saying to woman "gosh that was good but I'm very thirsty"
or similar, woman offers him a can of XXXX, he recoils saying "I couldn't do
that, he's me best mate!")
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