Mitt and Maewen (possible spoiler for Hexwood)

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Tue Sep 19 15:55:30 EDT 2000

Robin wrote:
>The age difference is also a peculiar part of the love story in Hexwood.

[Becca speaking again]

I think, in the end, Vieran and Mordion were only 8 years apart--didn't she
say she was 21 and he was 29? It did take me off-guard when Ann turned into
Vieran, who wasn't really twelve or fourteen or whatever age she was, but
before that I never really thought about the age difference. It's almost as
if Ann and Vierann are two different people in my head. (That sounds very
strange. Moving quickly along...)

Oddly enough, the age differences in DWJ have never disturbed me (although
in the very beginning of F&H when I thought Tom was an old man I did find
it a bit strange--I'd already read the back of the book and found out who
she was going to fall in love with. (Curse those blurbs. Curse them!)). I'm
not quite sure why this is--probably because wherever it happens, the girls
are almost always the equal of the men: obviously, Polly was smart enough
to save Tom, Vierann was smart enough to outwit Reigner 3 (and R 1, I
think, but my mind has gone all blurry. It's this cursed education). It's
never really a case of immature naive little girl, still in school meets
suave-sophisticated-mature older man who smokes cigars and reads whatever
mature sophisticated older men read. Icky! It makes me sick even to think
about it! And in F&H, Polly doesn't fall in love with Tom till nearer the
end--not when she's still young enough to go trick-or-treating.

And in Crown of Dalemark, when Mitt and Maewen really *fall in love* is
where they are both 15 years old. That's where the focus is. One of the
questions at the end of the book is if it will work out. I do have to agree
with Melissa (of course!) that it's too bad for poor Enblith.

Doesn't COD finish with Maewen going to find Thingy Witch to arrange a
meeting with Mitt? I always thought that wasn't really a happy ending,
because you never knew whether Mitt and Maewen ever got together.

And Robin wrote:
>(And I think elsewhere,

What about in Black Maria? Wasn't the Mom's boyfriend that person who'd
been stuck underground for a hundred years? I don't know whether it
actually happened or if it was a dream (I always thought the dream person
who turned out to be what's-his-name was very like the ghost of the
Guardian of the Lead casket in ToTC).

Well, I've written an awful lot and really said very little. Buut what's
new? :) Thanks all who answered me about Libby Beer and Old Ammet being
gods. I think I need to reread the Dalemark books! (Not that that's a BAD
thing, of course.)

I am written out. Goodbye.

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