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Rebecca said...

> >
> >But the young girl and older man is an absolute staple in DWJ.  Think
> >it.  Why is this?

> True, Thomas and Polly always bothered me (He was a married
> thrity-some-year old, while she was young enough to go trick-or-treating).

I actually sat down and worked this one out.  We're never told Tom's age,
other than a late mention that he was much younger when he first met Polly
than she thought at the time.  I think there's around 12 years between them;
she's 9 when they first meet (that *is* stated) and he is still a young man,
just aged by the effort of pulling free of Laurel.  Since Laurel "got" him
very young, it's not inconceivable that they could have been married when he
was only 17 or 18.  So, IMO, the likelihood is that when they first meet,
he's not more than maybe 21 or 22.  I seriously doubt he was even close to

> I think (warning: personal bias), that it's becaused many of her novels
> are, however covertly based on the Tam Lin reference, in which Tam Lin,
> had, er, a reputation and Jant didn't even snood her hair until she meet
> him.

Never saw *that* euphemism before!  I like it!

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