Mitt and Maewen (possible spoiler for Hexwood)

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Tue Sep 19 12:07:59 EDT 2000

On Tue, 19 Sep 2000 Wholergo at wrote:
> The age difference is also a peculiar part of the love story in Hexwood.  
Ooh-er! Yeah, that's another one I didn't see coming, mostly because I was
stuck in the "but the main female character is too *young* to fall in
love!" (which of course she was, but she wasn't, if you know what I mean.)

Although I keep on running into the problem of my perception changing as I
grow older.  When I was about thirteen or so, eighteen sounded *so* old,
and so of course it was reasonable that eighteen-year-olds would be
falling in love, and the rather serious kind too.  Now that I'm twenty-one
(ye gods!), fifteen-year-olds sound too young to be doing anything.  And
forget Juliet.

Of course, as I and my parents get older, I keep on realizing that ages
aren't as old as you think they are.  I mean, my parents are relatively
active. They're mentally fit (with slightly questionable memories
sometimes, but hey :^). Therefore, they must be young. They seem
young. Since they're fifty-three and fifty-four, being in one's fifties
must still be young.  Then there's my friend Kathryn who plays piano for
my camp in the summers, who is really cool and doesn't mind hanging out
with the high school and college students she works with, and who's in her
sixties...ergo, sixties are young!

I think my parents appreciate my viewpoint, even if they don't believe
it. :^)  And sorry for getting so off-topic and opinionated, if people
minded. I tend to babble.

"If I ever stop laughing, I'm dead."
        --Tom Knapp

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