(Fwd) Re: Libby Beer and Old Ammet Dalemark spoilers

McMullin, Elise emcmullin at kl.com
Tue Sep 19 10:31:53 EDT 2000

Ven wrote:
"I've always thought Libby Beer and Old Ammet are undying. Very 
recently I came up with a theory which isn't even IMHO yet. What 
happened to Robin and Tanamil? Could they have transfigured into 
Libby Beer and Old Ammet? I haven't read The Spellcoats for a 
long while (because it was the only Dalemark book I had for ages 
and I wanted to let the others catch up) so I could have forgoteen 
something crucial."

Thank you for bringing this up!  I always wondered what happened to Robin
and Tanamil too.  In particular, I wanted to see Robin happy and strong.  So
I read back and forth between the two books to try to make out whether they
were the same people.  I never came up with anything conclusive to suggest
they were, so my conclusion was that it was probably unlikely, though I'd
rather have it be so.  Still, the Holy Islands have the Piper aspect of Old
Ammet.  But Libby Beer seemed unlike Robin - but maybe she is Robin happy
and strong and transformed by time and Undying-ness?

Several emails from Melissa came in so I'll have to cut this short!


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