(Fwd) Re: Libby Beer and Old Ammet Dalemark spoilers

Rowland, Jennifer A B jennifer.rowland at ic.ac.uk
Tue Sep 19 05:40:42 EDT 2000

Becca said
> Hi all (Becca here),
> Another question that isn't quite related: are Libby Beer and Drowned
> gods? I never knew. It's probably right there in the book, and I've just
> passed blithely over it a zillion or so times.
> and Jennifer wrote
> I thought they were gods before I read Spellcoats- I still think they are
> effectively, but they may be others like the One, *very* old Undying who
> trapped and mythologised into the role of gods. 

I've always thought Libby Beer and Old Ammet are undying. Very 
recently I came up with a theory which isn't even IMHO yet. What 
happened to Robin and Tanamil? Could they have transfigured into 
Libby Beer and Old Ammet? I haven't read The Spellcoats for a 
long while (because it was the only Dalemark book I had for ages 
and I wanted to let the others catch up) so I could have forgoteen 
something crucial.

Whichever one it is that has the glossary at the back- or maybe it's the
scholarly bit at the end of Spellcoats- has a bit about the brothers and
sisters, like "Gull is identified with the Southern hero Gann", and I think
it says that no stories about Robin have been turned up but we refer readers
to the old folk belief that robins can grant wishes, or something similar.
But as there's no reference in that book to fertility godesses or earth
shakers any theory as to where they showed up from is welcome.
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