Historical novels probably unhelpful

Amaya Booker amaya at whatever.net.au
Tue Sep 19 02:45:57 EDT 2000

> >I've not read Dorothy Dunnet (tried one once and couldn't get into it,
> >may try again). However I used to have a copy of the rules to a
> >game called Tarrocco, which sounds related. Played with tarot
> >cards its a cross between whist and rummy
I used to play a Spanish card game as a child that was similar too... I'll
see if anyone in the family has rules.

Get yourself a deck of Spanish or Italian cards... these are effectively the
Tarot deck minus the Major Arcana and are what most of these sort of games
are played with. They can be hard to find though... i had to have my mother
send some out from Spain recently because all my decks are missing cards :(

If I find the free time I'll scan the cards so they can be printed and
cut... but that may take some time.


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