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On Mon, 18 Sep 2000 17:54:56 -0500, Rebecca Ganetzky wrote:

>>Patrick Self wrote:
>>> Mitt and Maewen as a couple seem so incredibly unlikely. Maewen HAS seen
>>>quiet a bit of life in her time in the past, but still, Mitt has lived
>>through what, 200 >years?
>>But the young girl and older man is an absolute staple in DWJ.  Think about
>>it.  Why is this?
>True, Thomas and Polly always bothered me (He was a married
>thrity-some-year old, while she was young enough to go trick-or-treating).

With _Fire and Hemlock_ the age difference didn't bother me so much as it
totally threw me off.  It never even occurred to me that it was a possible
love match until the very end.  Duh.

And it's not so much the absolute difference in age as it is the difference
in stages of life.  Fifteen years' difference is not so important when one
is 25 and the other is 40; at least both people are adults.  But it bothers
me when it's a teenager and an adult, probably because I assume the teen is
at a different place in life.  And Mitt and Maewen...well, I'm cheering for
them because I, like Maewen, am still thinking of Mitt as fifteen.  But when
I start remembering how old he is, it just seems wrong.  He's that old, and
he never fell in love with anyone else?  And then I feel a pang for Enblith,
who probably had a very nice married life with him, but it would have been
nice for him to really love her.

It's like other immortal characters in fiction, like vampires and
Highlander-style immortals.  They almost never act their age, and I'd think
living so long should have *some* effect on their personalities.  I just
have trouble imagining a 200-year-old still being interested in a girl; I
worry that they get together and *then* learn it's not a match.

Melissa Proffitt
who knows it is late
when she worries about
the love life
of fictional characters
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