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Melissa wrote
> And on this note, anyone know where I can find real rules for Tarocchi?  I
> did a little research online, but found no actual rules that I could
> correlate to the game in _A Game of Kings_, and _The Dorothy Dunnett
> Companion_ is deeply out of print.
I've not read Dorothy Dunnet (tried one once and couldn't get into it, 
may try again). However I used to have a copy of the rules to a 
game called Tarrocco, which sounds related. Played with tarot 
cards its a cross between whist and rummy
(oh lord, I bet these games have different names everywhere). In 
whist type games the object is to win tricks by laying down a card 
of the highest rank, and the trumps outrank all the other suits. In  
rummy the object is to collect several cards of a kind (ie three 
tens) or a run of the same suit (Jack, Queen, King of, say, 

So, basically, each player has 25 cards. They play for tricks, as in 
whist, then make up rummy type hands from the cards they have 
won. The scoring is reminiscent of Mah Jong without the doubling. I 
should imagine the strategies of the best players would be 

You were probably talking about a differerent kind of game 

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