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Becca said
> Hi all (Becca here),
> Another question that isn't quite related: are Libby Beer and Drowned Ammet
> gods? I never knew. It's probably right there in the book, and I've just
> passed blithely over it a zillion or so times.
> and Jennifer wrote
> I thought they were gods before I read Spellcoats- I still think they are
> effectively, but they may be others like the One, *very* old Undying who got
> trapped and mythologised into the role of gods. 

I've always thought Libby Beer and Old Ammet are undying. Very 
recently I came up with a theory which isn't even IMHO yet. What 
happened to Robin and Tanamil? Could they have transfigured into 
Libby Beer and Old Ammet? I haven't read The Spellcoats for a 
long while (because it was the only Dalemark book I had for ages 
and I wanted to let the others catch up) so I could have forgoteen 
something crucial.


You are trapped in that bright moment where you learned your doom.
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