Rarity of _Fire and Hemlock_?

Rebecca Ganetzky rganetzky at madison.k12.wi.us
Mon Sep 18 18:58:43 EDT 2000

>Is _Fire and Hemlock_ really so terribly rare? I've just seen a copy on ABE
>for $400. Now, that's obviously one of those utterly ridiculous prices that
>we're seeing more and more of lately, but even if it's four to eight times
>too high, I'd be surprised to hear that F&H was rare enough to be worth
>$50-$100. (It isn't even a signed copy, which mine is -- thanks, Nat :) )
I think it must be, when I went to the extremely virtuous and ardous used
bookstore they couldn't even find it anywhere to order it from ( this
hasn't happened with any other book I've ordered from them, with the other
exception being, ioronically enough, Patricia Wrede's Snow White, Rose Red,
which is also about Fairie, and contains Tam Lin references.)  I finally
found my copy (of which I have joint custody) at another used bookstore for
1 dollar and fifty cents after searching for the beeter part of five years.
Anyway, I think I'll lurk again because I have collegen apps to finish.
Sorry tio all about the sudden deluge of not very insightful e-mails from

Rebecca D.  Ganetzky

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