Mitt and Maewen

Rebecca Ganetzky rganetzky at
Mon Sep 18 18:54:56 EDT 2000

>Patrick Self wrote:
>> Mitt and Maewen as a couple seem so incredibly unlikely. Maewen HAS seen
>>quiet a bit of life in her time in the past, but still, Mitt has lived
>through what, 200 >years?
>But the young girl and older man is an absolute staple in DWJ.  Think about
>it.  Why is this?
True, Thomas and Polly always bothered me (He was a married
thrity-some-year old, while she was young enough to go trick-or-treating).
I think (warning: personal bias), that it's becaused many of her novels
are, however covertly based on the Tam Lin reference, in which Tam Lin,
had, er, a reputation and Jant didn't even snood her hair until she meet
him.  (go look up the euphimism in an old english dictionary, or infer, I'm
not trying to be exclusive, I'm quoting Tam Lin because I'm too prudish to
say certain things.)

Rebecca D.  Ganetzky

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