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> I think I'm an exception to most of you in this as my least favorite was The
>  Horse and his Boy and while I hated the beginning of The last Battle 
>  I felt so sorry for poor Puzzle, I found the ending really inspiring. It
>  made me think fo those very vivid dreams you have which are filled with
>  wonder but which you can never convey to people.

I think the Narnias that I reread the least are the first two -- there seem 
to be so many more false steps in them. I agree with Tolkien that Father 
Christmas doesn't belong, and I don't think Lucy's gift of healing is at all 
well thought out, that sort of thing. Plus their getting to grow up and then 
go back to being children doesn't go with the rest of the series. Prince 
Caspian has some creaky, slow bits as well, and a few touches that madden me, 
like Queen Prunaprismia, which is a name out of the stupidest fairy-tale 
traditions, and Nikabrik being a nonsmoker, which doesn't make a bit of 
sense. I like _The Last Battle_, though, and I think _Dawn Treader_ is almost 
my favorite, even though it hasn't got any plot (I never was much on plots 
anyway, but I do remember being surprised when I got to the end of the book 
and realized that everything they had done was just stuff that happened, not 
part of any big plan).

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