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On Mon, 18 Sep 2000 08:02:33 GMT, Gili Bar-Hillel wrote:

>One of my friends who read "The Lives of Christopher Chant" commented that 
>it reminded her a lot of "The Magicians Nephew". I suppose that same concept 
>of a space between the worlds is the main similarity. Can anyone else think 
>of other authors who have written of an in-between place of this sort?

Marion Zimmer Bradley wrote a book called _The House Between the Worlds_
that is centered on this idea.  (I don't remember anything else about it.)
Also Terry Brooks' Landover books; it's been a while since I read those, but
I think the idea was that there was a between-place that led from world to
world, and that some worlds were closer than others...oh, I just can't

Then there's Philip Pullman's _His Dark Materials_ series, in which the
"between" place is a world in its own right that just happens to be the one
that all the other worlds open on. (I just reread those two books in
preparation for _The Amber Spyglass_ next month.)

Melissa Proffitt
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