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Mon Sep 18 10:36:43 EDT 2000

>Gili wrote:
>One of my friends who read "The Lives of Christopher Chant" commented that
>it reminded her a lot of "The Magicians Nephew". I suppose that same concept
>of a space between the worlds is the main similarity. Can anyone else think
>of other authors who have written of an in-between place of this sort?

Here's a few:

How about the ballad of Thomas the Rhymer? or does that count?

Susan Cooper's SEAWARD is arguably entirely set in such a world.

I don't think Ursula LeGuin's BEGINNING PLACE counts.

>More generally, that between worlds world, with a Casablanca-like 
>bar, seems to have turned up at various times in various places. 
>Looong ago I read Tales from the White Hart, which was a sci-fi, 
>with a intergalactic waystation pub.  Restaraunt at the End of the 
>Universe spoofs it.

Don't forget the pub from the end of SANDMAN (was that "The Wake?"). 
Arguably there are other "between the worlds" places in SANDMAN, 
notably the "soft places" Gaiman refers to in the one-shot issues.

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