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Gili wrote:
One of my friends who read "The Lives of Christopher Chant" commented that 
it reminded her a lot of "The Magicians Nephew". I suppose that same concept

of a space between the worlds is the main similarity. Can anyone else think 
of other authors who have written of an in-between place of this sort?

Hmm - between worlds -, I've read a few Feist books (not the Riftwar ones,
the next series about the Serpent Queen) and the wizards have access to a
between worlds space - and visit a between worlds pub where strange and
seedy characters hang out, like on Tatooine.  More generally, that between
worlds world, with a Casablanca-like bar, seems to have turned up at various
times in various places.  Looong ago I read Tales from the White Hart, which
was a sci-fi, with a intergalactic waystation pub.  Restaraunt at the End of
the Universe spoofs it.

Is all I can think of at the moment.

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