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>On Fri, 15 Sep 2000, Melissa Proffitt wrote:

> I think I feel about young Mitt the way I feel about Mark Vorkosigan--I
> really dislike him, but I feel bad about doing so because I realize why he's
> the way he is.  I think Mitt has a longer journey toward being human than we
> realize, because all of his childhood traumas are so subtle, and because
> (seeing things from his POV as we do) he himself doesn't know how damaged he
> is.  Poor kid.

Shoot, I'm the one who got muddled.  In the above paragraph it's *Mark* that
I really dislike, not Mitt.  But Mitt's personality flaws spring from the
same source (sort of).

I do like Mitt.  I've said before that _Drowned Ammet_ is special to me
because it was the "lost" book that I never knew existed until they
reprinted the whole series.  I'd read both _Spellcoats_ and _Cart and
Cwidder_ early on, but _Drowned Ammet_ really put it all together.  As Mary
Ann wrote, it's beautifully constructed--has some of the same theological
and folkloric patterns as _Power of Three_, which are so fun to puzzle out.
It strikes me as being very different from the others somehow...more
concerned with the very tough issues of parent-child relationships, as well
as the class issue.  Reminds me of a line from the movie "The Philadelphia
Story" where Jimmy Stewart says that he's learned that even though someone
comes up from the bottom he really can be kind of a heel, and that even
though someone is wealthy he can be a pretty nice guy.

Mitt's prickly and sad and childishly grown-up in a way that just makes me
want to rescue him...though that would negate all the growing he does from
facing those hardships.  The descriptions of his hands, all the way through
both _Drowned Ammet_ and _Crown of Dalemark_, as those rawboned knuckly
things reminds me of a boy I had a crush on in eighth grade.  So maybe it's
nostalgia too, I don't know.

Melissa Proffitt
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