Narnia comments

Alex alex.mb at
Sun Sep 17 09:50:54 EDT 2000

I loved Dawntreader the best when I was a child because I loved Lucy so
much; I never liked Susan as she was too sensible (rather like Arthur
Ransome's Susan).  I found the imagery startling too and the idea that the
world was flat had me transfixed. I used to look at paintings with great
yearning when I was about seven, hoping that I too would be drawn onto a

I think I'm an exception to most of you in this as my least favorite was The
Horse and his Boy and while I hated the beginning of The last Battle because
I felt so sorry for poor Puzzle, I found the ending really inspiring. It
made me think fo those very vivid dreams you have which are filled with
wonder but which you can never convey to people. This may be because
(despite not being religious) I enjoy religious works because of the
strength of emotion that lie behind them: my favourite poet is Gerard Manley
Hopkins. I also like books which show political fervor too.


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