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>Anyone else hate Mitt?
>And why?

Well, no, actually. But the older he got in Drowned Ammet, the more 
wrongheaded. Once he came face to face with Al, and got shocked out of the 
worst of it (pretty shocking mirror image, that, you have to admit) he 
started opening up to other viewpoints. He is still learning in Crown, but 
has clearly settled into some other form of coping mechanism in his outward 

But, then, particularly in Ammet, what kind of example did he have? This is 
one seriously disadvanaged kid, by our standards. It's very easy to look at 
his reasoning from our educated backgrounds and turn up our collective noses. 
But in his place, how many of us would have done even as well? 

Mitt and Moril are both very good examples of characters who manage to drift 
onto the wrong roads and only discover the error after they've gone too far. 
In Mitt's case he had not reached the dead end and was able to recover -- 
although he was left having to find his way back without much of a road map. 
The way that he had grown up led him to squander all too much of the limited 
time given to people to learn what to BE, on Milda's impossible dream of what 
to "DO". 

Moril, on the other hand is in both a better and a worse position of having 
done something vast and irretreivable, but seeing that the problem was not so 
much in having DONE it as in his motivations for having done it. In either 
case, there is no way to go back in time and do it differently. 

JOdel- who lives carless in Los Angeles, and is trapped waiting for that 
bright moment that the MTA drops the other shoe and decides wheather or not 
it is going out on strike...
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