Narnia comments, including spoilers

Kyra Jucovy klj at
Sat Sep 16 09:14:40 EDT 2000

> Favorite: The Horse and His Boy - every word, every instant of it. More
> wonders.

Oh, yes!  There we go, that's my favorite too.  Actually, for a long
period of my life, _The Magician's Nephew_ was my favorite, and then,
because it always takes me a while to realize that these things have
changed, it occurred to me that it just wasn't anymore ;-).  It's funny -
I obviously don't have any prejudice against cross world fantasy, or DWJ
would hardly be one of my favorite authors (although I think everyone
on this list should read Dave Duncan's _Seventh Sword_ trilogy, which is
another kind of perspective on at least some of the issues from the Tough
Guide), but in this case, I'm pretty sure that this is my favorite largely
because of its total immersion in the otherworldliness - even the Earth
people are pretty much Narnia people at this point :).


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