Dawn Treader

andrew osmond andrew at ozma.demon.co.uk
Sat Sep 16 03:50:36 EDT 2000

"McMullin, Elise" writes

>I like pieces of Dawn Treader, but not the whole.  I like the redemption of
>Eustace, particularly when I'd gotten really into disliking him.  And I like
>the painting at the beginning.  

Warning- this may ruin Lewis for some readers.   :)  The actual
redemption scene (where Eustace gets 'undragoned') is one of the more
ingenious allegories in the series - just think of the way that Eustace
can't shed his skin after umpteen attempts and Aslan has to do it (very
painfully for Eustace...) Only realised this when a Christian friend
pointed it out.
andrew osmond
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