Buffy and meeting DWJ (no real connection) Spoiloer Appeal;

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Fri Sep 15 21:52:26 EDT 2000

Lizzie wrote about
> Subject: Buffy and meeting DWJ (no real connection)

Hey all you guys in the USA, we're way behind you in the UK -- 
especially if we don't get SKY. I mean the first episode of Angel 
only aired on terrestial TV today, so PLEASE can we have some 
spoiler alerts!

On meeting ones favourite authors, I met Kim Stanley Robinson 
when he did a signing and talk at Andromeda in Birmingham. I 
stood in the queue for the signing trying to think of something to 
say for ages. then I told him which was my favourite book of his 
(The Gold Coast), and he grinned and said it was one of his 
favourites too. That was so nice. I've also met Samuel R Delany 
and I was pretty starstruck but then he is pretty awesome. 

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