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>I suppose it might surprise people to know that my favorite is Magician's
>Nephew--I've gotten the sense that I'm probably alone in that.

Melissa said:
That's one of my favorites.  The whole idea of the rings, and crawling
through the attic spaces, and the Wood Between the Worlds, just seemed
fascinating.  I remember being so creeped out by the idea of the old, old
sun--almost claustrophobic.  But I loved it most because I already knew the
later history of Narnia.  I love prequels.  Except for _Dragonsdawn_.

I wanted to know everything about that ancient world.  Funny, but that
curiosity for deep history and distant pasts has never waned.  Wonder tales
that deal in that vein always hit the spot for me.

Nephew is one of those books that leaves bright and vivid images in one's
head forever.  For example, when Jadis eats the fruit and it stains her

I like pieces of Dawn Treader, but not the whole.  I like the redemption of
Eustace, particularly when I'd gotten really into disliking him.  And I like
the painting at the beginning.  

The one I've never read again is Prince Caspian.  It's been so long that
I've forgotten what bothered me.  Probably the time slip and how forlorn it
was to see Caer Paravel an eon later.

Favorite: The Horse and His Boy - every word, every instant of it. More

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