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Fri Sep 15 15:17:20 EDT 2000

Hi all (Becca here),

I am another one of those people who really, really like Mitt. I spent a
while trying to figure it out, and I think the reason why (in very muddled
thoughts) is this: it's not so much that what he's going through is
real--but the way he deals with everything is the way I'd imagine myself or
anyone I know dealing with it. (Actually, if I were in that position, I'd
probably run around screaming until my head fell off. :P )

I think later on, in the Crown of Dalemark, Mitt tries really hard to be
more than what he was in Drowned Ammet. And I like that in characters. If
he seems more human in Crown of Dalemark, I'd say it's because he learned
after Drowned Ammet and what happened to his friends (although I really
can't remember what does happen to his friends. Oh heavens! I have

Another question that isn't quite related: are Libby Beer and Drowned Ammet
gods? I never knew. It's probably right there in the book, and I've just
passed blithely over it a zillion or so times.

Patrick Self wrote:

>I'm not sure why, but I really, really, sympathized with him. Perhaps
>it is because he is around the same age as I am - we are both messed up
>teenagers, you know. ;)

Ye Gods! as Hildy would say. 200+ years old? That has to be interesting.
I've never met an Undying before. :P

Becca--another of those confounded messed-up teenagers.

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