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Fri Sep 15 14:03:33 EDT 2000

I really love Mitt. He is one of my favorite characters out of ALL of DWJ's
books. I'm not sure why, but I really, really, sympathized with him. Perhaps
it is because he is around the same age as I am - we are both messed up
teenagers, you know. ;)

 In my opinion, what he is in Drowned Ammet really makes sense - imagine
what his mother has done to him! She has basically taught him to hate these
upper class people, to blame his fathers supposed death upon them, and she
has totally encouraged him in all ways to take revenge. She _definitely_ has
a few screws loose.

However, the way Crown of Dalemark ended seemed odd to me. It seemed so
incredibly sad that sweet little Duck ended up being a servant of the evil
guy - his name totally escapes me! I've read these books so many times, I
don't know how I could forget. Of course, that only made his redemption so
much sweeter. But... Mitt and Maewen as a couple seem so incredibly
unlikely. Maewen HAS seen quiet a bit of life in her time in the past, but
still, Mitt has lived through what, 200 years? He's seen quite a bit of
adult life in his time. Besides, he's one of the undying. I suppose it's
possible that Maewen is too, but still.... how great would eternal life be?

DWJ states it herself. Maewen is 14(?) and Mitt is 200+ years old. A happy
ending just doesn't seem very likely. Nonetheless, the ending always cheers
me up. ;)

The Dalemark books are probably my favorite of all her books. I'm not sure
why, but it has to do with the characters and the way all of the books

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